I love all y’all!

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OMG, you guys have given me aaaaaalllll of the feels this week! The Facebook messages, the comments here, on IG, and on FB, the lovely female camaraderie, and, unfortunately, the fact that so many of us have felt the exact same way about our bodies, and have had others cause us to feel this way, makes my heart sing and cry. But, if we can all just agree that it’s not our place to comment on each other’s appearance (unless it’s to give praise), and if we can all agree to go a little easier on ourselves, we can get to a better place, can’t we?

I’m feeling stoked about these personal-essay type of blog posts, so watch out, world! There will be more, and I look forward to having conversations with all of you about all of the everythings. There will also, of course, be lots of knitterly-talk, because that’s who I am and that’s what I do.

I just want to say thank you, and I love you, and let’s do this self-acceptance thing, so we can get to the real work that needs to be done: fixing this world and country by working things that will make the world better. Let’s put our energies into making a difference, NOT making each other feel bad.


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