In Triplicate: my patterns

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Lee took these marvelous photos of the In Triplicate Collection, and I want to share a few with you all today. It was oodles of fun to work on, and I’m dying to see all nine of the patterns in different color combos.

DSC_3924-1200px copy

DSC_3926-1200px copy

My first pattern is Line Segment. A three-color hat using slipped stitches to make a spiraling brick-stacking-y pattern, it’s a super fun pattern to work. I really want to make another in a completely different color combo…

DSC_4350-1200px copy

DSC_4371-1200px copy

The second pattern, in two colors, is Point of Symmetry. Fingerless mitts with lots of texture, again using slipped stitches and garter stitch for visual interest.

DSC_4165-1200px copy

DSC_4200-1200px copy

DSC_4214-1200px copy

And, my third pattern, Trisectrix, is a top-down, crescent shaped shawlette that uses BIG yarn over holes and short rows as the main design features. Because of the shape, it wears super-well and sits on your shoulders easily.

I am also LOVING Star and Lee‘s patterns and am seriously considering casting on Directrix and Lemma. I’m still working on discovering those lost hours in the day, you know the ones you always wish you had, so you could do ALL OF THE THINGS? I’ll share here if/when I discover them.

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