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Have you ever done a subscription box? They exist for pretty much anything and everything you can think of: fandoms, books, tea, coffee, chocolate, wine, bacon, stationary, and, yes, you guessed it, knitting. I’ve been a subscriber on a stationary subscription box, and there’s nothing like cracking that box open and oooh’ing and aaaah’ing over everything that’s inside.


That’s why I was particularly excited when I started chatting with the folks at Knit Crate about designing for their Indie Crate. Being a part of that joy I felt when I opened my subscription box made my designer heart go pitter-patter.

I had the extreme pleasure to work with an indie dyer that I hadn’t worked with before, Be Ewe Fibers, and I designed sister-shawls, using the same basic shape for each. One is stockinette-based, one garter-based. Both are oodles of fun to work, and super easy to wear. Both would be perfect holiday gifts, as the knitting isn’t too onerous, and the style is broadly appealing. I enjoyed pretty much every stitch of each of these shawls, and am seriously considering making personal ones for me.

Because the shawls I designed for Knit Crate are the same shape, using different colorways and different stitch patterns, and because the whole time I designed and knit them, there was a celestial build-up to the solar eclipse, I was feeling decidedly space-y when naming them. Euanthe and Thyone are two of Jupiter’s irregular moons in the Ananke group of moons (Jupiter has a whopping 53 named moons, and many unnamed ones, to boot). The moons are classified as eccentric and retrograde, which I feel is a fantastic way to describe these shawls: a bit off the beaten path, but not too far, they are both fun to work and toasty to wear.



If you want in on the Knit Crate action, follow the link above, and snag the Indie Crate for October.


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All because you know me. Yay!!! Now, what are you waiting for? Get on it and get this crate.


  1. I’m sending this off to my husband as a not-so-subtle hint for birthday and Christmas gifts. He gets frustrated that all I ever want is more yarn, and this makes it easy!

    I don’t see an Indie Crate option, though. Is it hiding somewhere?

    1. Author

      Hey Sara! That’s a great idea re: holiday gift hinting! I was told the kit should be up today, so hopefully, it’ll go live soon. Big hugs!

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