Leaving on a jet plane…

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I am heading East tomorrow, to Washington, DC for the big trade show for the knitting industry. So, naturally, I’m thinking about chocolate and writing a blog post, right? I am just a bit overwhelmed by my to-do list, so I’m doing my best to avoid it. Now, if only I could find some chocolate…


These shows are so much fun – I go as Lorajean from Knitted Wit’s lacky, but am totally encouraged to show off my wares, as well, and she even gives me space in her booth to do so. I’ve met some amazing folks in the industry, and have made some connections at yarn shops, PLUS get the chance to be completely immersed in the yarny culture in a way I don’t get to do that often. So much fun. Look for goofy, slightly out-of-focus photos popping up on social media from me this weekend.


I also get an immense amount of sock knitting done, because it’s such a perfect thing to do when doing other things, so we’ll see how many I can knock out. Ankle socks, of course, because they are my jam and I will not be happy until I have an entire drawer of them.


I’m working on a Look Book to show at the show, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s shaping up. Seriously, if you ever need a website created for your creative business, and all of the supporting stuff, Polly from The Hustl and Butterscotch Press is THE person to go to. She’s the bestest in the westest (and the eastest and the northest and the southest). Here’s a little peek at the Look Book:


Alright, enough babbling. Off to find chocolate. Err.. work on my to-dos.

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