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I’m getting real excited about this Spring KAL (and that’s something, because knitting has definitely been taking a back seat for all of the other crafts I’ve been obsessed with these last few months), and I’ve been working on adding more information to the Spell Shawl pattern (in fact, I just published the update a few minutes ago!)

The 2022 version now has more information about using three 100-gram skeins of Fingering for a perfectly faded shawl of wonder and fun, PLUS it includes instructions for both the Original shawl and the Increase Only version.

Basically, if you want to make the Original version (as shown below), you use the full 100-gram skeins and there are numbers in the pattern to tell you where to change yarns.

Original Version, using 3 100-gram skeins of fingering-weight yarn

If you want to make the Increase Only version (as shown below), the best thing to do is to make 80-gram skeins out of your full skeins and break those down so you can just knit without thinking (and use the Russian Join for both versions, of course, so you only have to weave in your beginning and end tail once you are done).

Increase Only version, using scraps

If you want videos about this pattern/project, head to my YouTube channel here.

If you need the yarn, head to the Knitted Wit Etsy site here.

And if you need the pattern, head to the pattern page on my website here.

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