Socially Distant Sock Making

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Who else is sitting at home, stressing and obsessively reading the news while trying not to touch their face, and washing their hands a bazillion times a day? ALL OF YOU? Well, I had a great idea, and I’d love for you to join me!

Since this whole pandemic started getting more and more serious, and we started to move more and more toward an entire society comprised of many of us sheltering-in-place while we desperately try to flatten the curve, I’ve found myself thinking about ways to build community and help folks feel a bit better. Lorajean and I started a KAL called Social Distancing with ShannaJean (and we’d love it if you join us there, too, and are hosting it on Ravelry), but I wanted to share more of what I have to offer. As I ate chocolate and worked on one of my thousand socks in progress, I remembered a virtual toe-up sock class I taught in the League of Busy B’s (my old pattern club) a few years ago. The participants really enjoyed the class, and some of them became hard-core sock knitters because of it, so I thought, why not do that now, while we are all going through this very intense pandemic? Crafting helps our inner selves so much when things are tough, so if I can offer to share a bit of my knowledge with y’all, and help you gain some knowledge to help you when the stress gets overwhelming, I am all in, babies! I think it’s safe to say that very many of us likely have single skeins in our stash that would be really great for sock knitting, too, so hopefully, we’ll be able to do some stash-diving while learning. (I also want to put in a plug for our LYSs and Indie Dyers, and say that small businesses are being hit particularly hard throughout this pandemic, so if you have some bucks to spend, please do so with a local business, so we can all be sure they’ll still be around when we can society again).

What all of the above babble boils down to is: I’m going to run a free 3-day virtual toe-up sock class, and I’d love for you to join me!

Starting on Thursday, March 26th, I’m hosting a Virtual Toe-Up Sock Class on YouTube Live! It will run for 3 consecutive days, with Day 1 focusing on TOES, Day 2 focusing on THE HEEL, and Day 3 focusing on FINISHING/QUESTIONS. The class will be based on the in-person classes I teach, but more compressed time-wise (I’m shooting for 30-45 minutes per session), and, of course, not in person.

Get all of the information, including a link to download the handout and a coupon code for the pattern we’ll be using as our basis at

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