The fellowship of the dress

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I talked earlier in the week about how much my crafty wardrobe means to me as a person learning to love and appreciate her body. But the art of the craft does so much for my insides, as well. Being a crafty person feeds so much inside of a person. Not only does one feel something in their soul sing when creating, but oftentimes, we are able to make really amazing connections because of the craft. When my ex-biz-partner and I were brainstorming what exactly it was that we wanted Twisted (my old yarn shop) to embody, it was the sense of camaraderie and kinship that seems to grow almost naturally between folks who have craft in common.

Oftentimes, my craft is fairly isolated. I work from home, by myself, so I’m knitting in my office, while watching some amazingly silly supernatural-themed tv show on my computer. There’s nothing wrong with this, but when I have the opportunity to craft with like-minded individuals, I ride a smiley-faced high for days.

I had one of these days recently; the Monday after Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, while Maria (from A Needle Runs Through It) was still in town post-show, I hosted Maria, Lorajean, and Kirbie for a day of sewing. So many creative juices were reinvigorated, so much inspiration was shared, and so many donuts were consumed. It was wonderful, and my recently-latent desire to sew has been un-latent-ed. Now, I want to sew all of the time (in fact, we’ve discussed doing some FaceTime sewing sessions, so we can all sew together more often, and without anyone having to get on a plane to do so).

Are you a member of a crafty tribe? Tell me about it – I’d love to hear your stories! There’s nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by like-crafted individuals, and I feel so lucky to have a group of peeps to craft with.

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