Trying to find the time…

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I’m really trying to find the time to take part in the Muriel’s Shawl KAL, among other want-to-knits. My design plate seems pretty full right now, and I’m on the part of my design-in-progress where I’m so close to being done that all I want to do is start the next thing. It’s a problem, one that happens to me with pretty much every project: I get so stinking sick of what I’m working on when I’m almost finished with it that I really don’t want to work on it. Because I can see what I’m going to be doing next, in my mind’s eye. I can feel how it is going to feel to be working on the next thing. It’s really all I want to do.

BUT. I must finish, because it’s really going to be an awesome piece, and the yarn is delightfully wooly and airy and gorgeous. And my KAL shawl will wait. As will the next design. And the two socks-in-progress that whisper to me. And the many skeins of yarn I have wound and ready to get on my needles.

Isn’t that wee shawl start the sweetest thing, though? And wouldn’t this shawl look oh, so good on my bright green Dress No. 1? So, I should probably ignore what I’m supposed to be doing and spend some time working on this, right? 😉


  1. I feel you on this! I’m sitting drinking coffee and ignoring housework while trying to decide which of three current projects to work on and resisting the urge to cast on another pair of socks. There’s just not enough time to knit everything I want to knit! But Muriel is gorgeous and does need attention. MIne’s scheduled for a good stretch of time this evening while hubby has band practice and nobody will interrupt me. 🙂

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