What are these tubes you speak of?

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At Ewe Tubes, we’re a bit cranky. Meaning we love to use our circular knitting machine to crank your yarn into tubes for all kinds of awesome FOs, including socks, leg warmers, fingerless mitts, and neckwarmers. So, we’re cranky, but with a smile on our face and a song in our heart.

Don’t get me wrong; I love hand-knitting socks. I have waxed poetic about sock knitting being the perfect knitting ever since I finished my first pair of hand-knit socks. And I stand by that, full-bore. BUT, I also really love taking an already-knit tube, inserting a heel, a toe, and some ribbing, and having a finished sock. There is room for both in this world, and this sock-loving crafter is beyond stoked to be taking over this sweet biz.

In Fall of 2020, I saw an IG post from Side Hustle Socks. They were selling their business, and were looking for a buyer. After much consulting with my other half (Lorajean) and my OTHER other half (Stefan), I decided to go for it. I’ve used Side Hustle Socks services to make tubes out of many skeins of amazeballs yarn, particularly self-striping yarns, and had a blast learning how to insert an afterthought heel. Because I’m a crafter, I immediately started dreaming of owning a sock machine all my own, but realized it likely would not happen. Well, folks, guess what? IT HAPPENED, AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!

Making socks from sock tubes is still, absolutely, knitting. It’s just faster. It’s like knitting lite.

So, how does it work? Well, you send us your yarn, and we return a detailed pattern along with your hand cranked 60, 72 or 84-stitch stockinette tube. We don’t knit the sock heels, toes, or cuffs (thumbs and edges on mitts, and shaping options on neckwarmers); we leave that fun to you. In a couple of evenings, you can turn the tube into a lovely pair of socks or fingerless mitts, a scarf, or a neckwarmer.

Currently, we are offering our kits on our Etsy site, but will be up and running in the new year, taking orders and cranking out YOUR yarn into tubes. In the meantime, snag a kit or two and get a jump-start on your holiday making!


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