Sewing goals and resolutions-ish

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I’m not really interested in making actual “resolutions”, but the beginning of the year feels like a great time to go over plans, set goals, and refine strategies, doesn’t it? (Although, come to think of it, that sounds like another way to say “resolutions,” and that’s just fine with me.)

I’ve been thinking about and working on my business goals for the last few weeks, but today, I’m talking crafting goals, and most of my 2018 crafting goals just so happen to revolve around sewing. I’m feeling ready for some next-level sewing after immersing myself in the making of a bazillion 100 Acts of Sewing Dress #1’s, and quite a few Shirt No. 1’s. Not that I’m finished making either of these patterns (I have two Dress No. 1’s cut out, and two Shirt No. 1’s, too, so those are definitely in my to-make pile). I’ve talked about all of that making and what it means to me and my self-and-body-image and what kind of fellowship and friendship it has inspired and deepened here and here. Hop over, read them, and let me know what you think.

But, today, more than reflecting on how much sewing has come to mean to me as a woman, person, and maker over the past few years, I’m talking sewing goals. Becoming a better, more knowledgeable sewist. Widening and deepening my sewing skills by making things that are going to require more mental and sewing calisthenics than I currently need to make a Dress No. 1 (which I can basically make on autopilot). There’s this whole #makenine2018 thing on Instagram, and, although I’m not quite at nine things I want to sew, my list is growing daily. Here are my top contenders (with links to purchase by clicking on the images):

Metamorphic Dress

Pants No. 1

Lander Pants

Hudson Pants

As you can see, my pants needs are my biggest. I’ve been wearing leggings and thrift-shop jeans, which I love, but having me-made pants to complement my me-made dresses and shirts are my 2018 goal. How about you? What kind of making are you aiming for this year? Are you sticking with knitting, or are you, like me, multicraftual? Share in the comments, and let’s all keep each other accountable as well-rounded crafters!


  1. I can’t wait to sew more in 2018.
    I already have most of a dress done.

    I don’t have specific pattern goals yet, just that I want to increase my me-made, for sure!

  2. Oh, lovely. you take me back to my high school days in the 60’s when EVERY single thing I wore to school was sewn by me. You see, my mother was the a champion seamstress in Lincoln county, Oregon 4-H in the 1930’s so I had a good influence. You just might get me to return to my sewing machine.

    As long as I am babbling on here, Thank you for the Newsletter Shawl. You are certainly amongst those who makes certain these days that my wardrobe is full of things I knit.

    Please keep sharing pictures of your littles. They are such sweeties but I fear they are starting to get bigger than littles. I will prepare to watch them grow along with your number of patterns.

    That’s all…bye

  3. Dear Shannon. Love your sewing goals! I have been learning to quilt and wow is that addictive! I also have plans to do some garment sewing this year, haven’t done that since my girls were littles like yours! Wishing all the best for 2018, love Josie

    1. Author

      Yay, Josie! Sewing is such a fantastically different thing than knitting, I find it complements my knitting obsession very well. Happy New Year, sweetie!!

  4. Your instagram photos of your dresses inspired me to go to Modern Domestic and buy the 100 Acts of Sewing pattern. Time for my Dress #1!

    1. Author

      Yippie, Sarah!! I can’t wait to see your Dress #1 obsession grow!

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