The answer to my rip or knit quandry

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Thanks to everyone who chimed in here or on Facebook – you all have helped so much, even though you’re completely split down the middle. How does that help, you ask? How do I decide to rip or knit if the very metrics by which I was making my decision say that I should do neither, or both? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do – neither AND both. Whaaa…???

Here’s the thing: I’m not going to knit, but neither am I going to rip. I’m going to find someone to finish the knit for me, because I agree that this pattern in fingering weight will be oh, so lovely. I realize that, if left to my own devices, I will surely never finish it, but will likely drag it out every few months and bemoan the fact that it would be awesome in fingering weight, and the cycle will continue. It’s not because the knit itself isn’t enjoyable (I mean, truly, it’s my favorite kind of knit – soothing, fairly easy, TV-friendly knitting), and it’s definitely not that the yarn isn’t amazeballs, because it is (oh, that shiny lovely Single Fingering). I’m just on to other things, and I really do have a to-design list a mile long at this point in time.


Now, to the winner: eight folks gave their opinion here or on Facebook. Three are disqualified outright: LJ, because she can get her hands on her own yarn whenever she wants, my mom, because, well, she’s my mom, and my Aunt Paula, for the same reason my mom is. So, and, drumroll, please…

Melissa, you are the winner! I’ll send you an email post-haste to get your mailing address, and a gorgeous skein of Knitted Wit will be headed your way!

Thanks, everyone! I do appreciate all of your input, and advice, and support on this knit-thang we all love to do.

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