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Saddles, and getting back into them

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Today was a day for re-saddling myself. In my life. In my doing. After taking Astrid to preschool orientation, hitting the grocery store with Hazel, picking Astrid UP from preschool orientation (it’s only 2 hours this week), AND hitting Trader Joe’s with both girls, I decided to do.some.stuff today. What was on the docket? Red beans. Yellow Tomato Honey-sweetened Jam (although …

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Letting go…

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I’ve been thinking about letting go lately. Letting go of my need for clean-and-organized. Letting go of my babies as we get ready to start Preschool (for Astrid) and KINDERGARTEN (for Hazel). Letting go and letting them grow seem to go hand-in-hand. My girls are independent kids. They always have been, and, even though it’s tiring (oh, so tiring), hopefully, …

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Knit it: Dashes and Dots Cowl

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Here is my latest pattern design! Dashes and Dots Cowl is a cozy, squishy piece that can be made as a one-loop or two-loop cowl. Pick two contrasty colors of your favorite single-ply fingering (may I suggest Knitted Wit‘s Single Fingering?), and get to knitting. It’s in the round and goes fairly quickly and mindlessly. Yarn Requirements: Approximately 340 (750) …

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Make it: Coconut Milk

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I’ve had quite the love affair with smoothies these past few months. It all started when we got a real high-speed blender (as opposed to the old, beat-up thrift-shop blender that smelled like burning and leaked whenever we used it). I started exploring green smoothies, and I hit upon my perfect blend (which I’ll share in another post). Suffice it …

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Last Summer, I was a stark-raving fool for jamming. I couldn’t get enough of it. I jammed multiple times a week, sometimes spending an entire weekend jamming and pickling and making. I would stop at the farm stand on my way home from work, and, after dinner, would start a batch of strawberry jam. Strawberry & balsamic. Strawberry & thyme. …

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Hello and how-do-you-do? I’d like to welcome you to my brand-spanking-new home-on-the-web. Come on in, have a look around, and get comfortable. It’s a bit sparse right now, but I’ve got plans for this space. This is my home. These are my kids. This is a typical day. Crazy dance-party in the living room, making a mess, doing some crafts, …